Paper Dress Yoga


Fern Trelfa

Sat 11:45 - 13:00 Creative Flow

Fern is a Vinyasa Flow  teacher, that stays rooted in traditional yoga philosophy. However her physical practices embraces a contemporary approach to asana and movement, taking influences from the practices of Feldenkrais, contemporary dance and of late, Scarvenelli. 

A practice with Fern is dynamic and informed. Students are asked to drop into 'feeling' state, listening closely to how the body likes to organically build, release and move. Fern loves to weave in the magic of language into her work, encouraging students to delve into a deeper experience of their own anatomy and body intelligence.  She works with a new theme each week, whether that might be physical or philosophical, and always includes breath work and meditation.

Body Wisdom, Grounded Spirituality, Creativity and Grace are the principles that Fern lives her life by. Ultimately through the practice of yoga, this is  what she wishes to share with her students.  

Fern is also a massage therapist, reiki practitioner and Founder of Maison Fish retreats.

Becky Pearson