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Light and airy yoga studio located opposite Hackney Central station offering daily yoga classes. London’s first vintage-inspired yoga studio, where retro style meets the modern-day soul.

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Chakra sessions - ignite your inner fire

Join vinyasa yoga teacher, Kat, and Reiki master, Nikki, through a series of Chakra sessions to help you connect, release, move into and beyond areas of blocked energy. These two hour sessions are limited to intimate groups, to give you the attention you need to benefit from the healing powers of Reiki, woven into chakra themed meditation and flows. Leave feeling relaxed and re-energised with a tea and a salad lunch to-go.


The second in the series of Charka session takes place on Sunday the 15th October from 2 - 4 PM. You will learn to ignite your inner fire by building some heat and this workshop will focus on the solar plexus and heart Charkras. Find your power by firing up your core, create space by opening up the heart. 

About Kat... 

Vinyasa teacher Kat draws on the foundations of Ashtanga while also  emphasising the Chakra energy centres to balance the body and calm the mind. 

After find yoga to be the super power she needed to ease ongoing digestive issues, she loves to support students to tune into their own bodies and connect a little deeper. With a strong emphasis on the breath and solid alignment foundations, Kat encourages students to feel their way throughout, moving in a way that works for them. 

About Nikki... 

Reiki is a form of deep energy healing, which is used to support people through emotional, spiritual and physical needs. It supports the nervous and immune system by putting the body into total relaxation and therefore allowing the body to self-heal and have space for emotional blockages to dissolve.

Nikki believes that our physical, spiritual and emotional bodies are intrinsically linked. When you feel something emotional or spiritual, you will feel it somewhere in your physical body. Reiki works to release trapped energy in your body, relieve tension and balance out your internal systems and your external energy.

Nikki works with your body’s individual flow and uses a combination of hands-on and hand-off Reiki and a spinal balancing technique to help shift blockages, re-align your spinal energy, balance your chakras and release unwanted energy.