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Light and airy yoga studio located opposite Hackney Central station offering daily yoga classes. London’s first vintage-inspired yoga studio, where retro style meets the modern-day soul.

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Join multi-dimensional healer and "Initiate" medicine woman Susan Rozo on 17th September 1.30-4pm for a deeply nourishing afternoon experience where we will be working with two of the sacred plant medicines of the Andes, cacao and rape'h, anciently known as "Rome Poto". 

Together in this space of self-exploration and deep flow restoration, we will harness ancient wisdom and plant consciousness to gain clarity, dissolve negative patterns, align our energies, boost our mood and engage with our heart's "intelligence".

Many of us are struggling with over-active minds and are unable to shut off, or connect to ourselves and others in a much more transparent and efficient way. This is where cacao and rape'h come in to guide us on a beautiful and unveiling journey. We will unfold the mind's inner layers in a subtle yet profound way, stimulating the capacity to inhabit deep awareness, clarity presence and tranquility.

The gentle and loving effect of the spirit of the cacao plant will be interwoven with sound escapes and songlines that will allow us to connect deeper with our emotional and sentimental intelligence, also tapping into our own natural sense of flow and supporting a detoxification process or all our circulation/fluid systems.

From the lands of the Americas in energetic wisdom, the clarifying spirit of rape'h will clear our minds and energetic and nervous systems.

Supported by sound healing, we will connect to other states of consciousness on cellular and DNA levels, aligning our inner being to the outer universal rhythms, bringing us into a state of flow that facilitates deep transmutation, activation and expansion.

Prepare for a journey into divine wisdom and nourishment, moving into alignment and equilibrium on all levels of your being, in universal beauty and perfect symmetry!

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