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Light and airy yoga studio located opposite Hackney Central station offering daily yoga classes. London’s first vintage-inspired yoga studio, where retro style meets the modern-day soul.

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Fire Mandala: Stretching sides for deep twists and core activation.

Mandala Yoga recognises the classical elements; Fire, Earth, Air and Water as being connected to specific areas of the body and their associated chakras. These 2 hour workshops are designed to work deeply into the target area, leading to a thorough understanding and accessing of peak poses. The Mandala flow take us 360° around the mat, warming the body and giving us a new perspective on our often linear practice. We will start and end the session with Pranayama and Yin Yoga, opening and 'closing' the areas of the body we are working.

This first of four workshops will focus on Fire Mandala - stretching sides for deep twists and core activation.

An often overlooked area of the body, this workshop will use stretches and tips on technique to help you find space through your sides! Allowing you to access deeper twists and to move into binds and hand balances with more confidence and with greater awareness. We will also work on building more strength through the core, and look at the role of uddiyana bandha in our practice. 

Sunday 4th March 2-4pm

Tickets £20 in advance book here with Eventbrite or using Mind Body Online

£25 on the day

£70 for all four workshops