Paper Dress Yoga
Light and airy yoga studio located opposite Hackney Central station offering daily yoga classes. London’s first vintage-inspired yoga studio, where retro style meets the modern-day soul.

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Space and Flow - The Poetry of Vinyasa Flow

Using different movement ideas we will make up a new S&F Vinyasa sequence and explore our human poetic physical potential.

Through the use of imagery, certain breath patterns, and that of tried and tested bio-mechanical principles, we will aim to move like poets and to talk of the space like scientists (or perhaps the other way around). 

As always, S&F aims to promote Yoga, and in particular Vinyasa, as a platform for experimentation, self-discovery and ultimately a path towards self-expression. As such this workshop is open to all (beginners & experienced movers alike) who are willing to test out, make mistakes and smile at the idea of being lost in space.

Saturday 24th March 2-4pm

Tickets £20

Book through the Mind Body Website or through Eventbrite here