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Transforming Perfectionism: Coaching & Yoga Workshop

Join Ellie and Rachel for a stimulating afternoon of yoga, meditation, and evidence-based deep coaching over a series of workshops in 2018.

Do you struggle with needing to do things perfectly or exactly “right”? Do you find yourself wishing you could do more of the things that are meaningful to you, but know that your exacting standards and critical self talk hold you back?

Many of us wrestle with the anxiety and control of our own unsustainable and punishing standards, and always end up feeling “less than”. Perfectionism is not about delivering faultless outcomes and doing everything right. Perfectionism is the overwhelming stress of battling to feel (and be seen as) flawless, and never feeling good enough. 

Perfectionistic thinking can lead you to feel depressed, guilty, ashamed, anxious and angry, especially if you consistently criticise yourself for not doing well enough after spending considerable time and effort on a task. It's also a crucial blocker to progress and play.

Almost every decision becomes excruciating. Deliberating over everything. Second guessing constantly. It’s exhausting!

This workshop will give you the insights and tools to minimise the stress of needing to be perfect and having unsustainable standards.

It will offer concrete practices to let go self-doubt and perfectionism, while also establishing a way to approach life that allows you to increase your comfort with vulnerability, embrace your imperfections, and help create a strong sense of connection with your work and other people.

The afternoon will open with warm greetings and a couple of exercises, before moving through a carefully-sequenced yoga class led by Ellie, designed to still your mind and tune into your centre. 

As a practice of self-enquiry, Yoga is a wonderful way to pay witness to - and reorient - the limiting beliefs and thought processes that stop us from living more freely. We'll work with the breath and simple postures to quiet your inner critic and help you find compassionate acceptance in wherever you are in your life right now. Mindful movement twinned with mindful breath work are all about finding stillness in the here and now - vital if we are to push past the endless striving that accompanies a perfectionistic mind!

From here we'll pour tea and ask questions to stimulate self-enquiry, teaching practices which will gently challenge and soothe perfectionistic modes of thinking and being. The workshop will close with a guided meditation to help ground your learning and nourish your mind and body.

* * *

You are invited to bring a pen and journal to take notes. There will be delicious tea and snacks available throughout the workshop.

All yoga abilities and bodies are welcome! Bring a friend or come as you are. Drop in for one workshop, a few you love the sound of, or join us for the full series throughout the year. And if you'd like to book 3 workshops, we'll discount the price to £120 - get in touch to let us know.

Experience includes:

- How to cultivate mindfulness so you can identify perfectionistic thinking and gently reframe your thoughts so as to be more loving and compassionate towards yourself

- How to use the breath to calm a busy mind and feel more peaceful

- How to use yoga poses to relinquish the need to control, to surrender and learn the art of letting go

- How to cultivate more trust in your abilities and in life itself

This workshop will benefit anyone who sees perfectionistic tendencies in themselves...

Tickets available here   £45 for a single session £120 for three sessions.