Paper Dress Yoga
Light and airy yoga studio located opposite Hackney Central station offering daily yoga classes. London’s first vintage-inspired yoga studio, where retro style meets the modern-day soul.

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Yoga & creative nurture for the soul with Grace & Lila

Magic is in us and all around us, if we chose to see it. Come and activate your inner magic!

Beginning the day with a nourishing, feel good yoga class to limber up the body and mind and get the creative juices flowing. Followed by Soul Art - creative vision board making. 

Welcoming all fun-loving creative and heart centred beings who want to feel good, play, live a life that excites, is true to you, and expresses the essence of your spirit. 

Soul Art is the art of listening to your own intuition as your main source of guidance. In the workshop you’ll be able to discover something that you truly desire to experience, set a clear intention and receive your own guidance on the best action steps to live this. 

How it works... 

In the workshop we create a collage that acts as a visual guide for your intention. With this in place we have a clear and true starting point. You don't have to figure anything out, as the collage speaks on your behalf. Finally, we listen and receive the answers to your questions including 'If my desire had a visual presence and direction, what would that look like?' 

Why we love this workshop... 

Instead of working from preconceived ideas, we access and create from that pure place of your unique creative essence, which is your most powerful source of guidance. We open to the great magic life has to offer us. 


The outcome... 

Are insights, direction and inspired action steps toward your intention that feel fun, exciting and good. After the workshop you feel uplifted, open, clear, connected, nurtured and excited to move forward. You don’t have to be an advanced yogi, you don’t have to be remotely good at art, you just have to turn up with an open mind, curious soul and smile on your face. 

It's such an amazing opportunity to do something totally different, fun and exciting. 

Invite friends / family / other halves...everyone is welcome!


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